8 cryptocurrencies that will soar in 2023

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As we step into 2023, the crypto market is showing signs of a promising comeback. With the bulls gaining momentum, investors are looking for viable investment options that can deliver massive gains. Despite the challenges faced by the overall crypto market in 2022, there are some exceptional projects that are poised to explode this year making these cryptocurrencies soar.

According to recent data, most cryptocurrencies lost almost 2/3 of their value in 2022, making it challenging for investors to find profitable projects. However, innovative blockchain technology and unique use cases are setting some cryptocurrencies apart as top contenders for delivering substantial profits to investors.

8 cryptocurrencies predicted to make it big - Bitcoin
Bitcoin. Image Courtesy:Wikipedia

Bitcoin has been performing well in recent weeks with its price consistently hovering around $28,000. Some experts believe that this positive trend may continue well into 2023, with potential for the price to surge above $35000 by the end of the year. This is due to a number of factors, including increased industrial adoption, growing interest from retail investors, and ongoing developments in the crypto space. Furthermore, with an ongoing global economic uncertainty, investors are likely to turn to history-backed first crypto currency as a safe-haven asset.

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While XRP’s current performance has been somewhat volatile with its price hanging around $0.33, the cryptocurrency is predicted to see significant growth in the coming time. Its recent legal victory against the US SEC, and adoption by financial institutions are definitel driving factors. Ripple has been actively partnering with banks and other financial institutions to integrate its blockchain-based payment solutions. XRP’s price is predicted to touch $0.95 by the end of 2023.

8 cryptocurrencies predicted to make it big- MATIC
MATIC. Image Courtesy:coingecko

Polygon is gaining popularity as a layer-two scaling solution for the Ethereum network. It has been partnering with multiple projects and companies to integrate their efficient transactional solutions, including DeFi protocols and NFT marketplaces. This is expanding MATIC’s userbase. It is currently around $0.484, and it predicted to reach $1.21 in 2024.

8 cryptocurrencies predicted to make it big - FGHT
FGHT. Image Courtesy: coinmarketcap

FGHT is a Fight Out’s native token that has been creating quite a buzz in the rypto space. It uniquely combines Train-To-Earn and Play-To-Earn mechanism that lets users earn through the Fight Out gaming platform whilst taking care of fitness. It currently offers a 67% bonus to early investors.The price is expected to surge one FGHT hits major crypto exchanges. The project has some interesting features to its advantage- web3 integrated gyms, incentivized betting system in UFC and a train-2-earn reward system.

8 cryptocurrencies predicted to make it big - CCHG
CCHG. Image Courtesy:coinmarketcap

C+Charge has raised more than $3.45 million, one of the highest in pre sales in 2023 so far. It’s making paying for EV charging simpler than ever, all through the $CCHG utility token. The project is also exploring use cases in e-commerce, finance and gaming. It relies on proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, effectively coming out as a environmentally sustainable operation. Currently priced at $0.0235, it is predicted to soar as major exchange listing follow.

8 cryptocurrencies predicted to make it big - QBT
QBT. Image Courtesy: queenbots

Queenbots is a DeFi project that aims to integrate web3 and real-world utility with blockchain-based solutions. QBT is currently trading at $0.02 and has already seen a threefold price increase from its presale price. It is a utility token facilitating defi protocols-based reward sysem on the Queenbots platform. Furthermore, Queenbots is set to become the first business in the DeFi space to bring NFC POS architecture. Their innovative solutions and real-word value creation sets them up for an almost 10x price increase.

8 cryptocurrencies predicted to make it big - METRO
METRO. Image Courtesy:coincarp

Metropoly is a new decentralised project that aims to make an accessible web3 real estate ecosystem. It is backing digital assets in the virtual space with tangible properties in the real world. Its fractional investment model allows investors to purchase small fractions of real estate using METRO, making it budget friendly. It is currently available at $0.083, and is predicted to steadily grow as real estate is one of the biggest investment options.

LHINU has had a phenomenal presale, raising $2 million for its innovative vote to earn platform. Love Hate Inu allows users to earn by participating in community voting and decision-making. It is currently priced at 0.000095 USD. The platform has a community focused approach, creating a strong base of holders. Additionally, the project presents scope for various brand integrations that could add to its reward system.

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