CES 2023: metaverse technology creates quite a stir

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The metaverse is predicted to generate $5 trillion by 2030, provided the technology develops itself to indulge humans in more ways that just visually and aurally. CES 2023 pointed to the inclusion of sense and smell in virtual reality experiences being integral.

From virtual stores and smart TV’s to virtual work spaces and interactive virual space, this year’s CES- the most prominent tech event in the world- saw a lot of projects centered around metaverse technology. Enterprise technology- artificial intelligence, robotics, FinTech, and the Internet of Things- has been a buzzzing topic in the tech world. Infact, Vice President of CES John Kelley said they have “a dedicated area in the Central Hall for Web3 companies”. Promising leaders in the tech field like Microsoft and more will be a part of this space, where digital assets, blockchain technology, metaverse shall be discussed, presentations “primarily focused on metaverse and NFTS”.

The Consumer Technology Association organises the annual trade event known as CES, or Consumer Electronics Show every year in January. The event, hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, frequently features demonstrations of cutting-edge consumer electronics items and technologies. The keynote speakers for the event this year include, among others: Lisa Su, CEO of AMD; Oliver Zipse, Chairman of BMW; John May, CEO of John Deere; and Bastian, CEO of Delta Airlines.

Various big names have exhibited their web3 ventures in different categories, notably mainstream web2 brands.

vitual shadowed replicas of people working in a metaverse office , the next big thing in the web3 space.
Offices and workspace are the latest metaverse category.
photo credits: znet

Microsoft, LinkedIn and HeadOffice.Space have collectively brought out Dentsu NXT Space, a workspace platform in the metaverse. With meetings, client experiences and office chats facilitatd in one virtual space, the project aims to bring productivity and real life use cases to the meaverse. FORUM8 International has made contributions in the same category, presenting a metaverse where companies will be able to build virual offices equipped with meeting rooms, VR voice and text chats. The Japanese company focuses on bringing efficient and advanced communication to a simplifies VR, AR and 3D experience.

guy sitting in the backseat of the car enjoys a one of a kind virtual rality experience through vr headset
Holoride’s VR experience for cars integrates safety and entertinment into one platform. photo credits: Holoride

The auto industry made multiple impressions at the CES 2023.
FIAT introduced the world’s first metaverse powered showroom, the FIAT Metaverse Store. With the help of the FIAT Product Genius, a real person on hand to respond to any questions, customers will be able to learn about, customise, and purchase the New 500 La Prima by Bocelli while experiencing the virtual space. Beginning in 2023, users may locate the complete New 500 lineup in the showroom powered by the metaverse, along with more models and markets.
In another instance, audi-backed startup Holoride brings VR entertainment to vehicles with VR headsets that uses VR to sync with a vehicle’s movements in real time to prevent motion sickness, recording the vehicle’s movement and location data to ensure accuracy and safety. Aside from games like Pixel Ripped 1995: On the Road and educational apps like Einstein Brain Trainer, their entertainment segment also offers a web browser and an Android feature for smartphone screens

girl enjoys herself in a metaverse experience enabled by smart tv
Sansar and Source Digital bring a smart tv metaverse experience, accessible through an app. photo credits: globenewswire

The CES also got to see the world’s first smart TV metaverse experience. Source Digital and Sansar join hands to bring a metaverse allows users to immersively watch live events such as concerts or sporting events in either a 2D or 3D environment. Users can also engage with their surroundings, virtually purchasing merchandise and interacting with other attendees from the comfort of their own homes.
Lenovo’s Project Chronos is a projector-like device that records your body using its camera in order to create VTuber avatars or even enable virtual fitness courses without the usage of a virtual reality or augmented reality gear.

the etihad stadium pictured here is set to recreated in a metaverse powerd by sonny
Manchster City’s new metverse venture is touted to be a game changer in the football world. photo creits: stadiumdb

Sony gave an exclusive look into the Manchester City metaverse at the show. With City’s Etihad Stadium realistically recreated and populated by virtual spectators with editable avatars, the proof-of-concept project enables fans to interact with their football teams in new ways. To develop virtual sporting content in real-time, Hawk-Eye, Beyond Sports, and Pulselive provide their technology that record live sports data.

The OVR technology, a virtual reality headset with a container for eight smells that may be blended together to create different odours, had one of the most exciting exhibits. The gadget, which comes with an app, is marketed as a sort of digital spa. An earlier version that was used for fragrance marketing allows users to smell various surroundings, from marshmallow roasting to a bed of roses, with the goal of helping consumers relax.

As metaverse goes beyond being just a thought, the techonology will need to evolve into a mixed reality experience. The metaverse road show at CES 2023 was all about enhancing user experience, and bringing productivity nad real world use cases to the virtual space.

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