Crypto Airdrops forthcoming that have the highest potential.

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By Degen Lipsa

Crypto airdrops are widely used by blockchain projects to promote visibility, build their community, and boost the value of their offerings. After all, a project’s capacity to draw in and expand its user base is crucial to its existence. Of course, users have nothing to be upset about. Who doesn’t enjoy free goods, after all?

Crypto Airdrops forthcoming
Upcoming Crypto Airdrops having the maximum potential. Source : Noah

What are Crypto Airdrops ?

Crypto airdrops are marketing techniques in which tokens or coins are sent to wallet addresses. For no cost or in exchange for a little service, like retweeting a post provided by the entity issuing the currency, small amounts of the new virtual currency are delivered to the wallets of active members of the blockchain community. The main objective of Crypto Airdrops is to raise public awareness and encourage the use of a new token or coin.

Upcoming Airdrops :

In this article, We’ll examine the rumoured forthcoming cryptocurrency airdrops and also examine how to sign up for free tokens that are airdropped to you.

Blur NFT Marketplace: Season 2 delayed

The “Fastest NFT Marketplace” is Blur ($BLUR), which offers customers a decentralised exchange for exchanging Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). By enabling customers to browse across various NFT marketplaces, speeding up access to NFT reveals, and enhancing the user experience, they hope to stand apart.

Blur’s airdrop season one came to an end On February 14, 2023. The second season of Blur will airdrop more than $300 million $BLUR, but the band has already revealed that it won’t debut until May as originally planned. The good news is that you can still participate because all listing and loyalty points will stay doubled through May 1, 2023.

Inorder to participate in this , Users need to connect their wallet on Blur’s platform and start bidding on the list of collections given there. The airdrops given here is on Point-based system which rewards bids on NFT collections based on their 24-hour volume. Participants can maximise their airdrop of $BLUR tokens by accruing more loyalty points.

Sei Network ($SEI) Airdrop: Confirmed!

A layer-1 blockchain called Sei Network was created using the Cosmos SDK. Its goal is to become the DEX chain of choice for DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi. After launching its mainnet in the upcoming months, Sei Network intends to introduce its $SEI coin. Additionally, they have stated that airdrops will receive 1% of the total supply. The greatest approach to potentially receive a $SEI airdrop is to interact with their Seinami Incentivized Testnet by fulfilling their assignments.

Vela Exchange ($VELA) Airdrop: Confirmed. Details TBC

Digital asset trading is done on Vela Exchange. Currently available for trading and stakes, the platform is in open beta.

The beta phase 3 of Vela, which began on March 9, 2023, will include an airdrop, according to a confirmation posted on Twitter. To now, they have suggested on Twitter that increasing your trade volume is essential for receiving the maximum airdrop. Also, by taking part in their flash trading competition, you may receive extra airdropped tokens in addition to a chance to win their prizes. With a total prize fund of 10,000 USDC and 2,000 eVELA incentives, the inaugural tournament has been concluded. A second flash competition will be held by Vela, and it will be modified to accommodate traders of all sizes. The Grand Beta Trading Competition, which Vela promises would award significant prizes, will be the primary event.

zkSync ($ZKS) Airdrop: TBC

A ZK Rollup called zkSync seeks to offer scalable and affordable transactions on the Ethereum network. This is done by providing a validity proof and bundled transactions to an Ethereum smart contract.

Public access to the zkSync Era Mainnet Alpha has begun. There is anticipation that some of the tokens may be airdropped when the team announces the introduction of a native token in the future. According to rumours, users must do the following in order to be eligible for the zkSync Airdrop: (1) create and fund their zkSync wallet; (2) engage with zkSync Lite and zkSync Era Mainnet Alpha; and (3) engage with other members of the zkSync ecosystem, including Orbiter Finance or ZigZa. The last option is also particularly worthwhile to do because other zkSync dApps may not have launched their token yet. So you may get a chance to earn double airdrops !

Sui Blockchain: Further airdrops TBC

The Sui Blockchain is a decentralised proof-of-stake blockchain with storage and throughput that are scalable horizontally. They provide as a platform for developers and creators to create on-chain assets. Sui has successfully executed airdrops to its Testnet Wave 1 and Wave 2 validators in the past. 2,000 SUI were given to validators, subject to a one-year vesting period.

Sui may soon reveal a third Testnet Wave or another airdrop campaign, one can only hope. Nevertheless you could install and utilise the Sui wallet to get ready for any potential airdrop.

My MetaTrader ($MMT) Airdrop: Second Round CONFIRMED!

My MetaTrader (mTrader) is a DEX with GPT-3 built on Arbitrum. Low trading costs, a large selection of trading pairs, and leveraged trading up to 150x on cryptocurrencies, 1000x on forex and commodities, 100x on stocks, and 35x on indices are all features offered by this broker. On February 21, 2023, their $MMT token, which had a total supply of 5 million tokens, was listed on SushiSwap, with 5% of the tokens going to airdrops.

My MetaTrader has said that there would be two rounds for their airdrop. Although the first round is now over, the second round’s date has not yet been revealed. 890,000 $MMT worth of tokens will be made available for airdrops during the second round. Get unique roles on their Discord channel and finish various tasks on Galxe and Crew3 to qualify for their second round of airdrops.

StarkNet ($STRK) Token Airdrop: Potential second round?

On top of Ethereum, StarkNet is a decentralised Validity-Rollup (or “ZK-Rollup”) that offers limitless computational power to decentralised apps without compromising compatibility or security. To guarantee that transactions are trustworthy and secure, it makes use of the STARK cryptographic proof system, which is safe and scalable. Because StarkNet is permission-free, anyone can use it without obtaining a specific person’s consent. Testnet users can already access StarkNet’s alpha version 0.11.0, and the mainnet upgrade is anticipated to happen shortly after.

Interacting with StarkNet’s testnet is the easiest way to take advantage of any potential airdrops of $STRK tokens. Moreover, several StarkNet protocols do not yet have a token. As a result, utilising their DApps may qualify you for their airdrops as well, giving you the chance to gain double benefits!

Shardeum ($SHM) Airdrop: Details TBC

A smart contract platform based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine is called Shardeum (EVM). Shardeum differentiates out by utilising dynamic state-sharding, even though it is similar to other state-sharding platforms like Harmony, Elrond, and NEAR Protocol.

Shardeum has not yet formally announced its airdrop of $SHM tokens. On the other hand, Shardeum has recently introduced its betanet, and the protocols there also offer rewards for early adopters. So, interacting with their testnet would provide you the maximum chance of receiving Shardeum token airdrops.

LayerZero ($ZRO) Airdrop: TBC

An omnichain interoperability protocol called LayerZero ($ZRO) can be utilised for quick messaging between chains. With customizable trustlessness, they are able to provide messages that are authentic and assured. It is now operational on the majority of significant blockchains, including Optimist, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, Aptos, Fantom, and Arbitrum.

LayerZero has not yet begun to sell its token. The hope is that they will airdrop the token to users of their dApps when they do, though. These are some tips for taking part in any conceivable airdrop. Please take note that the LayerZero team has not made any formal announcements regarding airdrops. So, any proposed involvement strategies are merely conjecture.

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