Donald Trump Back at it with second series of his NFTs

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By Degen Lipsa

A new batch of NFTs are being released by Donald Trump. Although he tried to appease his supporters, NFT collectors could feel otherwise.

After the overwhelming success of his first NFT collection, the 45th former US president, Donald Trump, announced the release of Series 2 on April 18.

Trump’s last Instagram post was published in January 2021. But within the past 24 hours, he wrote four posts about the second set of NFTs. He claimed that the second series was necessary because of the “great success” of the earlier digital trading NFTs.

Donald Trumps posts on instagram about Series 2 NFT

The new collection, which will be minted on the Polygon network and keep the same price of $99 per token as the previous collection, will consist of 47,000 tokens (2,000 more NFTs than the first), according to a post by Trump on his social network Truth Social.

Donald Trump’s NFT minting Price Remains The Same

Despite having the ability to raise the selling price of the new NFT collection in response to an increase in consumer demand, Donald Trump stated on social media that he chose not to do so because he wanted his supporters and admirers to succeed financially and “have fun doing it.”

The original set of NFT owners, though, are probably not having fun right now. The collection’s floor price was destroyed by the sudden influx of fresh tokens. Coingecko claims that following the announcement, the least expensive Trump NFT decreased from 0.4 ETH to roughly 0.1 ETH.

Donald Trump NFt collection price floor. Source: coingeckort

It is evident from Donald Trump’s riches, which Forbes estimates to be over $2.5 billion, that the former president does not require the sale of NFT collections or the provision of opulent dinners for collectors in order to grow his wealth.

Therefore, assuming a scenario in which he wins a legal battle against his opponents, Trump’s real goal may be to stay relevant on social media while preparing for a potential presidential campaign. This is especially true given that the additional 2,000 tokens in the new collection highlight the number “47,” which would represent the position of the next US president.

Donald Trump Earned $1M From Sale of First NFT Collection

Donald Trump may have made close to $1 million from the sale of his inaugural collection, which was released on December 15th and sold for $99 per NFT.

Through 45,000 distinct NFTs, it highlighted many facets of his life and presidential experience and offered a variety of incentives, including autographs and dinners with the former president.

It is still unclear, though, whether the project managers and the former president, who invited victors to opulent restaurants for sumptuous feasts, have upheld their end of the bargain.

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