H&M Looptopia: a gamified metaverse experience on Roblox

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2022 saw metaverse spread its wings into the wide fashion industry. From Metaverse Fashion Week to virtual stores, creativity has elevated the web3 concept to another level.

H&M puts a spin on circular fashion and takes the customer to a gamified metaverse, H&M Looptopia. The immersive virtual space built on Roblox is a platform, complete with games, events and styling sessions, for customers to explore with various materials and patterns to create virtual wadrobes for their avatars. The 3D playing field is powered by metaverse studio Dubit.

a still from the looptopia metaverse on roblox where a girl is running in the 3D playground with rainbows and clouds behind her
Looptopia is H&M’s gamied metaverse experience. photo credits: adobomagazine

When they visit Loooptopia, players will be able to engage with places like Rainbooow Fields, Neon Studiooo, and Fabric Fooorest. While they enjoy the music and visual effects that give the area the appearance of a runway, they may plan their clothing combinations. Players will also be able to exchange things, take pictures, and appreciate each other’s artistic creations. They have the ability to recycle old garments in order to obtain rare components.

This, however, is not H&M’s first stint in the digital space. In Deecember 2022, the fashion brand introduced their Metaverse Design Story Line, a fine blend of matter and fantasy that integrates innovation, sustainability and the metaverse into one circle. With Institute of Digital Fashion on board, they created a collection taking on both physical eady-to-wear and digital garments option, inspired by the endless potential of an ever evolving metaverse. Keeping the brand’s garment collection programme in mind, the designs utilized recycled and innovative eco-friendly materials. The collection prices vary from £17.99 for lingerie to over £399.99 for a tulle dress.
For the virtual part of the line, the H&M app gave customers to try the pieces on virtually with five augmented reality filters. The futuristic collection was premiered by the likes of Irina Shayk, Kim Petras, Shay Mitchell and more at the 2022 Fashion Awards.

Retail giants have been active players in the metaverse and web3 gaming field. Walmart has Walmart Land and Walmart Universe of Play on Roblox, both interactive platforms where walmart has recreated their store layout in a virtual world. Lowe’s introduced Open Builder, an asset hub with more than 500 3D items that mirror their real-world cataloge. Pacsun’s ComplexLand 3.0 is a virtual world festival that revolves around their products and services.

In virtual worlds, fashion brands are setting up digital stores, and some big-name brands have already experimented with the metaverse. Fashion houses have been really sportive of web3 adaption, starting from virtual stores, NFT collections to personalized virtual realities. There have been various fashion weeks, festivals and events- all sorts of entertaining and interactive platforms. According to centra, most of the development in the web3 fashion category comes from millenials and genz, be it the creative production or curious buying. Customers who shop online want experiences that reflect their personalities and make them feel “in person” there. In order to avoid this becoming a passing fad, it must be backed by a compelling metaverse concept. This offers marketers a big opportunity to learn more about their clients and understand their needs.

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