LUNC developer unveils “Block Entropy”

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By Degen Lipsa

According to sources , Edward Kim, the creator of Terra LUNC , has been working on an AI app chain dubbed Block Entropy that could debut in May. Kim shared images of the whitepaper for the AI chain on Saturday.

Kim mentioned that the TestNet playground, a simulation tool that lets users test and explore, will become available sometime next month and will only support a small number of “machine-learning inference tasks” like AI image diffusion, text language models, and even the ability to generate music. However, details are currently pretty hazy on this.

While the whitepaper’s full release is anticipated to occur soon, Kim noted that subsequent phases will see the introduction of improvements in distributed training mechanisms, Python APIs, SNARK verification techniques, and further fine-tuning modules for producing better results.

However, not everyone has free access to TestNet. In order to gain access, a user must first send genuine LUNC tokens to a specific burn address and then enter the transaction hash into the TestNet tap. This will act as a sneak peek for the eagerly awaited burn tap, which will go live later on in the month, claims Kim.

You can obtain a specific number of testnet tokens by burning a specific quantity of LUNC. These tokens are only useful for machine learning experiments and have no intrinsic value. Kim further emphasises that the essential Interchain Accounts (ICA) module for the project has been completed and is currently being tested on the LUNC L1 TestNet.

A crucial component of the development, the Interchain Accounts (ICA) module, has already been finished and is currently being tested on the LUNC L1 TestNet, as Kim also points out. After that, a governance proposal will be approved, and ICA’s inclusion in LUNC will be coordinated with the Joint L1 Task Force Team.

In light of this LUNC information, the price of Terra Classic is currently trading at $0.0001114, an increase of 0.64% over the last 24 hours compared to a rise of 0.41% during the previous 7 days.

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