Metaverse buzz: NBA x Meta collab for immersive viewing experience

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In an extension of its current partnership with Meta, the NBA has agreed to provide some of its games for free on the metaverse. For Horizon Worlds, Meta’s flagship metaverse app, five of these games will be presented in a more immersive manner.

As people become more accustomed to the virtual world, businesses come up with inventive ways to give their customers new and improved experiences. The NBA introduces NBA Arena, which will allow fans to watch 52 games of the league using virtual reality technology, to broadcast its games to the metaverse via co-viewing platform Xstadium. The user will be able to watch the five exclusive events as if they were sitting close to the court, changing their point of view as the game progresses, using more immersive 180-degree monoscopic technology.
NBA and Meta are also working together to create products for Meta’s Avatars Store. These features will be accessible on all of the apps owned by Meta, including Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.
The NBA has been quite open to extending the reach of its activities by utilising new technologies. In cooperation with Dapper Labs, the company debuted NBA Top Shots in 2020, an NFT video marketplace that features clips of some of the most important plays in league history. In September, the league and Sorare, a supplier of fantasy sports games, collaborated to create an NFT game. Golden State Warriors of the NBA announced the release of a 2022 Playoff responsive NFT collection in 2022.

NBA lane arena, a metaverse venture, shows the layout of the league's progression
NBA Lane was a 75 year anniversary tribute to the legends and history of the game. photo credits: nba

The NBA Top Shot NFT collection from Dapper Labs is the sixth most popular NFT collection of all time in terms of sales volume. Since the NFT’s debut, a total of 16,006,548 copies of NBA Top Shot have been sold, amounting to $885.6 million. The discord for NBAxNFT has more than 35,000 users.

The NBA launched NBA Lane during its 75th anniversary season. The campaign honoured the greatest legends of the game as well as the modern stars that succeeded them. You can play Meta Quest 2’s NBA Lane in virtual reality thanks to Horizon Worlds. NBA Lane featured several exciting events, including a free throw shootout, a low-gravity dunk competition, selfie time in the NBA trophy room, and more.

What easily resonates are not trying to replace experiences, but finding the ones you can enhance with true ownership of assets and a visual layer such as the metaverse

Dirk Lueth, co-founder and co-CEO of Upland

Web3 components are probably going to play a big part in the digital revolution that the multi-billion dollar sports sector is going through. The collision of the physical and digital worlds is clearly rapidly moving forward, and there are expanding markets for NFTs and immersive technology. When it comes to improving fan engagement for sports leagues, Web3 appears to be a game changer.
A few professional sports leagues have begun utilising Web3 models. For these ideas to be adopted by the general public, an accessible platform must be developed. Only with practical utility and cryptocomplexities separated from end users will mainstream acceptance take off.

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