NFT goes physical in India: SOCIAL’s digital art gallery

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Touted as the “Silicon Valley of India”, Bengaluru continues bringing technological innovations to the country as SOCIAL cafe-cum-workspace brings an exclsive NFT viewing and buying experience with its new digital art gallery.

With the opening of India’s first physical gallery for NFT art, SOCIAL—often recognised as a hub for creatives and innovators—enters the world of virtual technology. The opening show, “Welcome to Web3,” will be introduced by Angad B. Sodhiwas. Local NFT artists will then introduce the displays. Customers can view and purchase artwork on screens. The venue aims to serve as a meeting space for creators, artists, and entrepreneurs. Bangalore has fostered the majority of the web3 startups in India and thus has the greatest people with a fundamental understanding of what NFT and Web3 is.

While Web2 was the beginning of the creator economy, a major problem was that the creator did not own what they were putting up on the platform. Now with web3, the creator not only owns the assets but can also include royalty clauses, which is a game-changer

Angad B Sodhiwas, NFT Creator
a photographer captures the NFT art displayed at a physical NFT gallery
A look at the first physical NFT gallery in the world, by Superchief in NYC. photo credits: vulture

NFTs stretch back to 1998, when collectors began purchasing and reselling artworks like Beanie Babies through modern NFT markets or more established auction houses like Christie’s, fetching prices of hundreds to millions of dollars in ether and bitcoin.
In New York City, Superchief opened the first actual NFT gallery. Using high quality screens, the completely carbon negative space presents digital artworks in real life. The exhibits feature works by Princess Nokia, Hood by Air, and other artists. The gallery’s first display, which was part of its initial “Starter Pack” show, finished at $11,500 for “Genesis” by digital artist Swoon. Over the past year, galleries in the US have opened by SuperRare, Superchief Gallery NFT, Bright Moments, and Quantum Art.
The first women-led NFT gallery launched in Europe mainly features works by women. Founders Lynn Rosenberger and Lilien Hornung-Mary emphasise the work of female artists in the sector, wherein established, conventional artists and NFT artists are able to learn from one another.

Innovative new means of fusing the physical and digital worlds are emerging, including strategies to preserve art, create digital tokens of historical objects, and create physical forms of digital art. Physical NFT galleries could do a lot to shift the public’s image of the opaque internet works away from colourful gorillas and pixelated punks and toward something more in line with fine art. With a physical space it is much easier to motivate the insular communities so prevalent in the metaverse and invite people into the fold.

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