Pepe Coin Fades, Bitgert Rises

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As the Pepe hype wears off, there’s a new player in the field. Bitgert has been gaining substantial traction and attention in the crypto market.

Bitgert is described as a blockchain platform designed to facilitate secure transactions and smart contract capabilities. It employs a decentralised network and employs advanced encryption methods to ensure privacy and security for users. BRISE is built on a PoA blockchain which gives it the advantage of quicker transaction times, reduced costs, and higher security.

Although the Bitgert ecosystem is now built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), they have created their own blockchain, Proof of Authority mechanism, that can allegedly process over 100,000 transactions per second with no transaction fees. According to Bitgert, its ecosystem has had a total of 350,000 members since its creation, and its blockchain has handled over 4 million transactions. In July 2021, Bitgert debuted as an app on BSC for the first time.The project’s initial name was Bitrise, and the ticker for its native cryptocurrency was BRISE.Bitgert became the new name for Bitrise in December of 2021. Bitgert is available on numerous exchanges, including, Huobi, and Kucoin.

the BRISE coin logo.
Even as Bitrise rebranded at Bitgert, the price ticker remained same- BRISE.
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Proof of Authority (PoA) is a consensus algorithm used in blockchain networks to validate transactions and secure the network. Unlike other consensus mechanisms like Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS), PoA relies on the identity and reputation of network participants, known as validators or authorities, rather than computational power or token ownership.

In a PoA blockchain, a set of trusted validators is selected to create new blocks and validate transactions. These validators are typically pre-approved by the network’s administrators based on their reputation, expertise, or stake in the system. Each validator has a unique cryptographic identity associated with them.

Pepe Coin seems to be losing its former allure, as investors reportedly shift their focus to Bitgert. While Pepe Coin might have enjoyed a surge in popularity in the past, its lack of substantial technological advancements and a clear roadmap for future development might have contributed to its decline. One more pain point for Pepe proves to be a lack of use case. Granted, it still is a meme coin and meme coins are better known for the light hearted nature, but Bitgert does seem to have that edge over Pepe.

A potential bearish scenario for Pepe Coin suggests a speculative 70% drop in its price. Three weeks after reaching its record high of $0.00000449, Pepecoin’s price has fallen by more than 70%. Despite recent declines, PEPE is still trading 4,000% higher than its $0.00000044 exchange debut price. Therefore, further price decreases might lead current PEPE holders to lock in their gains, escalating the bearish bias.

the graph for pepe coin howing how its falling as bitgert rises.
A potential bearish scenario for Pepe Coin suggesst a speculative 70% drop in its price. Image Source

The Pepecoin coin’s daily trading volume is $104.5 Million, representing a loss of 7.06%. If one looks at PEPE’s top 15 high-yielding addresses, the issues become apparent. Nearly all of the entities have decreased their holdings of PEPE in recent weeks, and some have even sold their entire stock to lock in profits.

Whales, referring to individuals or entities holding substantial amounts of a cryptocurrency, play a crucial role in influencing market trends. And these whales are now investing in Bitgert. Not just Pepe coin, but several big players like Shiba Inu, Baby Doge, AiDoge may lose their whales to BRISE. Having said that, there’s no guarantee on any of these coin’s price prediction. As investors consider their alternatives and choose where to invest their money, the coins will continue to seesome ups and downs.

Bitgert appears to be preparing for a potential entry into the top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2023. Several key factors contribute to this outlook. One noteworthy aspect that has caught the attention of investors is Bitgert’s entry into the electric car market. As the news of Bitgert and Chinese manufacturer indulging in the electric vehicle industry broke with Q-BRISE EV launch in the UAE, the cryptocurrency increased by 40% in just two days, from $0.00000027 to $0.000000367.

By incorporating blockchain technology, Bitgert aims to enhance data security, create efficient payment systems, and explore possibilities for vehicle-to-grid integration, thus paving the way for a decentralised and sustainable future.

As with any cryptocurrency, the rise of newer and more advanced cryptocurrencies challenges their ability to adapt to the evolving market and embrace innovative technologies for longevity. While Bitgert presents formidable competition with its focused use case and superior technology, Pepe Coin still has the potential to carve out a niche for itself in the world of virtual currencies. The loyalty of its fanbase and their continued support could provide a lifeline for Pepe Coin, even amidst intense competition.

The key to a coin’s survival and growth lies in its ability to adapt and evolve. It must strive to go beyond being a mere store of value and find innovative ways to differentiate itself in the market, and not be relegated to being just another footnote in the history of cryptocurrency.

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