Shiba Inu and Buggati NFT sold our in just 4 minutes!

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A special NFT mint collection, a collaboration between the Shiboshi Club and Bugatti Group, stirred up the web. The collection included eco-friendly physical custom cross-body bags and carry-on luggage.

While the SHIB Army anticipate the release of the Shibarium layer-2 solution, Shiba Inu surprised them with a limited-edition Shiboshis X BugattiGRP NFT collection. The alliance set a new high after the limited-edition line sold out in a record-breaking 110 seconds. The minting activity began on January 15 during a Twitter Space. One week after the mint party is over, holders of NFTs can pick up their tangible form of their purchased items. The Bugatti Group will offer a 55% discount on travel-related merchandise to holders of the non-fungible tokens.
The price of Shiba Inu rose by 5% as the demand of their NFT collection grew incredibly.

some of the pieces from Shiba Inu and Bugatti's NFT collection
A few pieces from the NFT collection. photo credits: Shibtoken

The collection was a special surprise for Shiboshi genesis holders and included both tangible products and non-fungible tokens. 299 limited releases and a single first edition release were included in the NFT mint collection. Each unit was sold for a mint price of 0.14 ETH. As a way of honoring the achievement, Bugatti will present limited edition cross-body bags to 95% of all mints. 15 community members who make up the remaining 5% will receive personalised carry-on luggage on which they can put their own Shiboshi NFT creations.

Following the news of the remarkable feat, Shytoshi Kusama, Shibarium’s lead developer, updated his status to “tending the Pine Tree of Life.” It was Kusama’s intention to underscore Shibarium’s ability to survive difficult winter conditions like a pine tree.

Shibarium Layer-2 Upgrade

Since 2021, Shiba Inu has been one among the most popular cryptocurrencies. With Shibarium, the Layer-2 upgrade, the ERC-20 token is evolving into a self-sufficient ecosystem. Built on top of layer 1, layer 2 refers to a collection of off-chain solutions (different blockchains) that alleviate scale and data bottlenecks. These combine several off-chain transactions into a single layer transaction, reducing the amount of data and associated costs. A new decentralised metaverse and game ecosystem that allows for decentralised player interaction and transactions as well as player ownership, purchase, and sale of acquired digital assets can be made possible with layer 2 blockchain technology from Shibarium and web3 technology.

a glimpse into Shiba Inu's, SHIB Metaverse where the famous shiba dog is in a virtual environment
A glimpse into the SHIB Metaverse. photo credits: SHIB


There will be an exclusive SHIB Metaverse exhibit at SXSW 2023 in Austin, Texas. The first 11 hubs in the virtual world will be shown to attendees in advance. In SHIB Metaverse’s WAGMI Temple, visitors can explore interactive simulations of Shiba Token’s communal history to discover more about its decentralised origins.

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