Shibarium brings its new features to light; How is it suppose to help them in the race?

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By Degen Lipsa

The Shiba Inu Shibarium is creating a stir in the market with it’s latest feature named as “The Bridge”. For the L2 network, this opens up exciting possibilities, such as Ethereum bridging. This upcoming solution aims to improve the Shiba Inu ecosystem by offering SHIB users quick, safe cross-chain transactions.

This news comes from prominent Shiba Inu army member Lucie Sasnikova, who tweets as @LucieSHIB that the Shibarium team is developing a new feature that would significantly improve the SHIB Layer-2 utility. As per the post, the bridge feature has been activated and was partially operational.

Shibarium army member tweets

Not just being a promising development that’s generating buzz among crypto enthusiasts and Shiba Inu investors as the bridge between the two major blockchain networks requires a secure and robust cross-chain solution. Shibarium achieves this through the use of Plasma and PoS security, creating a trustless and bi-directional transaction environment between Shibarium and Ethereum.

Users can use this bridge to send tokens between networks without taking any risks with third parties or affecting liquidity. It is made to be quick, affordable, and adaptable while also acting as a scaling solution. In order to prioritise speed and decentralisation, the bridge uses a dual consensus architecture (Plasma + PoS platform) and supports arbitrary state transitions on sidechains.

A review of the Shibarium’s primary metrics

Shibarium recorded more than 4.6 million transactions in total, marking an incredible milestone. This outstanding accomplishment represented a huge improvement over the few thousand transactions seen a few weeks prior.

Over 14 million wallets were active on the L2 network on the testnet, which also saw a significant increase in wallet numbers. It is important to note that the daily transaction volume has recently declined and has not yet surpassed the high of over 400,000 transactions registered on April 20.

The overall trend was still encouraging, though, and it will be intriguing to watch how the network’s expansion plays out over the next several days and weeks.

Positive funding rates being experienced by Shiba Inu on the majority of the exchanges. More traders aree betting on the token’s price rising than falling, indicating an upbeat atmosphere surrounding it.

Additionally, the price of the SHIB showed promise, rising by almost 1%. The present bearish trend may not be broken by this rally, but it’s still a positive development for SHIB holders and investors.

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