Top 5 Research Tools Every Crypto Investor Should Use

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By Degen Lipsa

The top 5 cryptocurrency research tools that every investor should utilise before funding a project-

Do your own research, or DYOR is a concept that is likely familiar to anyone who has spent even a brief amount of time in the cryptocurrency market. It emphasises the need for investors to do their research before giving money to a project and has grown in popularity among those who are involved in the bitcoin industry. This is more difficult said than done given the nascent nature of the crypto industry and the difficulty in locating publicly available market data, analysis, and advice. To help investors with their research on cryptocurrencies, we have put together a handy list of resources.

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1. Market Trackers for Market research

A market tracker is the first and maybe most important tool for bitcoin investors and traders. They provide numerous useful details, such as real-time price updates, trade volume statistics, historical performance data, and many more. They provide a trustworthy assessment of the market’s current position as well as a credible framework for researching cryptocurrencies. These websites also enable you to contrast coins of different types.

2. Forums

On forums, you can communicate with other traders and investors. For investors and enthusiasts to debate a prominent cryptocurrency project, it often has a Reddit page or a Discord server. You can ask locals questions about the project and get prompt answers.

3. Crypto guides and News websites

Understanding cryptographic data can be challenging. Furthermore, if you don’t know what the various technical indications mean, it can be difficult to grasp them. The function of news websites and bitcoin guides in this is important. Platforms like CoinTelegraph, Decrypt, Binance Academy, ByBit Learn, Alexandria by CoinMarketCap, etc. are trustworthy sources in this regard.

4. Data aggregators

Market trackers give a good overview of the market, but to delve deeper into a project, data aggregators like TradingView, Glassnode, and Coin Metrics are required. You can learn vital information about how cryptocurrencies will fare in the future from these websites’ in-depth studies of the various cryptocurrencies.

5. Podcasts

You may discover a lot about the crypto market by listening to podcasts. They provide you with the opportunity to get knowledge from subject-matter specialists regarding a wide range of cryptocurrency projects and the market as a whole. Additionally, they provide a complete understanding of current events and their long-term consequences.

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