Everything you need to know about Bhutan's Secret Bitcoin mining expedition

Bhutan has reportedly been quietly mining Bitcoin since 2017

Bhutan's mining activity has been kept under wraps, and there is no official data on the country's Bitcoin mining capacity or revenues.

The country is said to have been able to generate a significant amount of revenue from mining due to its abundant hydropower resources.

Bhutan's Bitcoin mining activity is not without controversy, with concerns raised about the environmental impact of the industry on the country's fragile ecosystem.

Bhutan's government has not officially recognized Bitcoin as legal tender, and its central bank has warned citizens about the risks associated with cryptocurrency.

Despite the lack of official recognition, the country's mining industry has thrived, with some estimates suggesting that Bitcoin mining accounts for around 10% of Bhutan's GDP.

Bhutan's mining industry has grown significantly in recent years, and the country is now attracting foreign investors interested in mining Bitcoin