Women march ahead in the web3 industry in 2022

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Cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, DeFi- basically, the web3 space has come a long way in 2022, with some of the notable developments and significant projects led by women.

The web3 community, or any technological advancements in general, have often been male-dominated. 2022, however, saw women putting their foot down in this space, especially with DeFi, NFT and Web3 related concepts. Web3 adviser and venture capitalist Nodira Sadikova spoke to Cointelegraph about what this progress means for the web3 world and how it creates a new category in the industry.

This army of extremely bold personalities changed the market and generated new trends and opportunities for women who did not have the courage to step into the crypto industry

Nodira Sadikova

KuCoin’s recent report “Journey into Web 3 – A Global Study on the Future of Work highlights female web3 professionals are more efficiently and actively involved in the decentralised sector. The majority of female Web3 professionals, about 49%, work part-time or as freelancers in Web3-related industries with 33% taking up full-time engagements. Despite the numbers not quite matching up to their male counterparts, women have cemented their place in this industry with impressive developments.

Swan Sit is a creator at Clubhouse, web3 & NFT advisor
Swan Sit, creator on Clubhouse.
Photo credits: Forbes


Nike’s former Global Head of Digital Marketing is now a creator, web3 & NFT advisor, and has worked on multiple big projects collaborating with Adidas, Boss Beauties, Cool Cats and many more. Dubbed as “Queen of Clubhouse” by Forbes, she is one of the most acclaimed speakers on NFTs with NFT Now naming her a Top 100 Community Leader in 2022.

Shiti Rastogi is the chief marketing officer of STEPN, health and wellness app based on web3 technology.
Shiti Rastogi, CMO at STEPN.
Photo credits: LinkedIn


Shiti Rastogi Manghani is the CMO of the Health and Fitness Web3 lifestyle app STEPN. She has actively worked on blockchain technology and AI with her computer vision I based start up that amongst Top 50 wellbeing start-ups in the UK and in the Top 100 health companies in the UK. She has earned many accolades starting from recognitions from the UK Government to Microsoft.

Elizabeth Stark, co-founder of Lightning Labs. Photo credits: salt.org


Lightning Labs co-founder and CEO, Elizabeth Stark is one of the early advocates of blockchain scaling solutions. The company facilitates efficient and low cost BTC transactions. Stark has been actively involved in multiple segments of web3 as a fellow at coin center as well as an advisor at blockchain-based crypto mining solutions Chia.
Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, she has also been a lecturer, teaching peer-to-peer networks at Yale and Stanford.

Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro is a lead producer at Decentraland. She is on of the brains behind the metaverse fashion week
Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro, Lead producer at Decentraland.
Photo credits: bizbash


Lead metaverse producer at Decentraland, Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro led the Metaverse Fashion Week as one of the main architects of the event. She carries over a decade of experience in the web3 space, which includes having mentored at MIT’s Hacking Arts and co-founding Mobart anfd FestAR. Casimiro has also been conffered with the Red Bull Brazil and resident multimedia artist awards. Her work revolves around the idea of integrating creativity and sustainability into the web3 space.

Perianne Boring found the chamber of digital commerce. She was included in america's top 50 women in tech by Forbe's
Perianne Boring, Founder & CEO of the Chamber of Digital Commerce.
Photo credits: coindesk


The world’s largest trade association specifically built for the blockchain industry, the Chamber of Digital Commerce, was founded by Perianne Boring. The non-profit trade now has over 200 members including IBM, Fidelity, Microsoft and many more. Perianne has boosted real-world applications and regulatory interoperability worldwide. In 2018, Forbes listed her in their Top 50 Women in Tech in America.

Kathleen Breitman is the co-founder and CEO of dynamic ledger solutions. she helped with the proof-of-stake protocol that helps elevate crypto scale and reduce gas fees
Kathleen Breitman, Co-founder & CEO of Dynamic Ledger Solutions.
Photo credits: techonomy


Placed at Rank 13 on Fortune’s The Ledger 40 Under 40, Kathleen Breitman is the co-founder and CEO of Dynamic Ledger Solutions. The firm’s proof-of-stake blockchain protocol helped many major cryptocurrencies overcome limitations like scaling potential and soaring gas fees. With a $700 million market cap, XTZ is one of the top 50 most popular cryptocurrencies.

This growing trend of women enagaging with the web3 space is undoubtedly not only encouraging inclusivity and diversity, but also giving an added push to the web3 movement globally.

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